What we do:
The Technology Department leads the HCSS to better use of technology in the classroom as well as in the office. We affirm that the use of technology in education should never be an end unto itself, but a means to more effective teaching and learning.

How to find us:
Our office is in room 201 of the Central Office Complex, 115 Murphree Ave, Centerville, TN 37033. The main phone number is (931) 729-3391 X 2229.

Work Orders

How to submit Work Orders to the Technology Department

We will give you a link below to go to the work order system. But there are a couple of things we would like you to know first.

# Reboot your computer before submitting a work order.

We now accept Network Password resets via work orders. We will send the results to your email address. For EMail password resets,  please send the request via a neighbor's email account. We will email them when the password has been reset.

When you get to the work order page, look a the top right. If an email address shows that is not yours, please click "logout."

If there is no email address, please click "login" and enter your email address. This is very important. You may return to the site at anytime to check on your work order.

Fill in the summary. Just short and sweet.

In the description be as detailed about the issue with your computer. There is no need in explaining that it is important to the function of your room. We understand and will move as fast as we can.

Click "submit request."

You will receive an email with a what you sent to us.

** Link to submit work order **

Thank you in advance.

Central Office Complex
Elaine Dean - 931.729.3391 x 2245
Joshua Pawlak - 931.729.3391 x 2249

Technology Coordinator
Brad Gilbert - 931.729.3391 x 2229

Technology Inventory - For equipment inventory. Technology use only.
AUP forms may be obtained at your Schools Office.