School & Safety Hotline
Safety Hotline

Hickman County Schools
Jerry W. Nash, Ph.D.
115 Murphree Avenue
Centerville, TN 37033
To: Students and Parents
From: Jerry W. Nash
Date: 10 December 1999
Re: School's Safety and Security Phone Number

In an effort to improve our school system's comprehensive safety and security measures, our School Resource Officers are implementing a Safety and Security hotline.
The purpose of this hotline is to provide a means for anyone to report, anonymously, any situation that would present a threat to the safety and security of our students, our employees, or any citizen.
If you have information regarding any potentially dangerous situation, or illegal activity which would affect our school system, please call
when the automated operator answers, press
You will then receive instructions on leaving a message.

Call: 729-3391 (1234) to anonymously report information that our School Resource Officers need to know to keep our schools safe and secure.